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Trigger Point Maps
  • This page contains information about the causes of muscle or myofascial pain in the Chest and Abdomen regions. It would be impossible to describe each and every muscle in detail, so I have therefore concentrated on the common ones.
  • Weak and tight muscles are a common cause of acute and chronic pain in patients seen in the pain clinic. Performing the stretches and exercises in the right hand column of the table below, can help to relieve muscle pain without resorting to pain relief drugs and muscle relaxants, and help you to achieve your own pain management goals.
  • It's important to stretch your muscles to make them more supple, and also strengthen and build them up to make them more resistant to further sprains / injury.
  • Think about trying the Pain Gone Pen - a simple low-cost non-drug self-help pain device for home use.
  • Please note - in the diagrams below:-
    • X = the position of the trigger point (TrP).
    • = the position where the referred pain is felt.
Region Muscle TrP Map Exercise
Chest Pectoralis Major Shoulder
Pectoralis Minor
Serratus Posterior Superior
Serratus Anterior
Abdomen External Oblique Abdomen
Rectus Abdominis

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